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design and typesetting

At scriever we believe the design and layout of a product are as important as its content. This is why we work in partnership with Sharon McTeir, Creative Publishing Services. Sharon has long experience in designing and typesetting a wide variety of print and digital material and specializes in typesetting multilingual content, from standard European languages to Japanese and Kurdish. Sharon’s creativity and unflappable attitude means she is often sought out by authors and publishers to bring their creative ideas alive. She is particularly proud to have collaborated with the legendary Alasdair Gray on his autobiography ‘A Life in Pictures’ published by Canongate.


We can receive data in many different formats, including XML, ICML and Microsoft Word/Excel. Pictures can come to us in almost any format so long as the original pictures are large enough to pass the preflight checks for the printer. 


Adobe Creative Suite – we use version Adobe CC 2021 on Mac. However, we also have old versions of InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.